Eva Montanari

The suck-it-all and mix-it-all trunk

Written and illustrated by Eva Montanari


With his trunk, the little elephant Eho absorbs everything on television.

He sucks the first peanuts simply because he’s hungry.

All the rest because he doesn’t know what else to do with it.

So quizzes, telefilms, valets and jokes mix inside him like indigestible material, until he expels him in new, hilarious combinations.

The animals protagonists of this story, in which the television programs are simply “finished”, begin to wonder: What are three little pigs doing in a can of sardines?

A butterfly on the scales? What about a plane with leather shoes?

And they begin to invent.


 illustrations selected for Bologna Children’s Book Fair

Turkey (Redhouse Kidz, 2006/2012) 

Taiwan (Grimm Press 2005)


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