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Monsieur Deagas likes to paint the students while they practice in ballet class – they’ve inspired many of his beautiful paintings. But one day he mistakenly leaves his bag of paints in the dance studio and instead takes a young ballerina’s bag, which contains her new tutu for the evening’s recital! And so the ballerina begins a great chase to find Degas before her big nighty. As she searches the streets of paris, the ballerina encounters many other Impressionist painters, who are in the process of painting some of their great works. Monte, Renoir, Caillebotte, and Casst help the ballerina until she is reunited, at last, with Degas. Featuring the original Impressionist paintings that inspired this picture book of historical fiction, along with an autho’r note about Impressionism and this vibrant period in Paris, Chasing Degas will delight young lovers of art and ballet.



 “Montanari has written a fine introduction to a place and time that was uniquely congenial to the arts” Publishers Weekly.


“Readers will enjoy a charming study of French Impressionism as the dancer is directed from one great painter to the next” Kirkus Reviews.



★ Golden Tripod Award 

★ “Premio Anderses XXX edizione “Finalista “Miglior libro di divulgazione” USA (Abrams books)


Japan (Bunka Publishing bureau, 2021)

Italy (Kite dizioni 2016, 2014, 2010)

France (Atelier du Poisson Soluble 2009)


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