Eva Montanari

Guess Who's coming to dinner?


Madame Olga’s eyes no longer see, but she can hear noises that go unnoticed by many. Nina Knows this, so every evening she “invites” a special gues to the table of Madame Olga: a tin man, three musketeers, a fairy with turquoise hair, a white whale… And every character tells incredible adventures that allow her to travel the whole world without moving from her room. Nina doesnt’s need any artifice, just reading books. The power of imagination does the rest. 


★ Good Books Everyone Can Read

★ China Time “Open BOOK”

★ Hiiii Illustration, “Best of the best” award

★  Golden Tripod Award

★  Prêmio 30 Melhores Livros do Ano – Revista Crescer

★  Illustrations selected for “Mostra Internazionale dell’Illustrazione per l’Infanzia, Stepan Zavrel” Sarmede




Itaty (Kite Edizioni 2017-2013)

France (Passepartout 2013)

Grimm Press (Taiwan 2011)