Eva Montanari

Chissà Com'è...

Written and illustrated by Eva Montanari


In the grasslands of Africa, a group of young animals think they know all about the crocodile who swims in the river beneath their school. 

He is the most ferocious creature on earth . . . or is he? 

When the animals try painting portraits of him in Expressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Abstractionism, and Dada, they learn there is no one way to see anything, even a crocodile.

“Purple or Turquoise, cube shaped or made with squiggles, all of us see things in our own unique way…”

And who knows how the Crocodile sees them…


 Premio Alpi Apuane

★ Finalista Premio Andersen

 illustrations selected for Bologna Children’s Book Fair



Italia (Kite Edizioni 2023-Edizioni Arka 2002),USA (Watson Guptill 2002), Finland (Lasten 2003 ), Portugal (Livros 2003 ), Korea (Aga World 2003), Croatia (Golden Marketing 2002), Germany (Staudt Verlag 2002) 

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