Eva Montanari

Regarde, Papa

Written and illustrated by Eva Montanari


The fair is in town! Little bear can’t wait to see the magicians, the acrobats, and the animals in the show.

But there are things that papa bear must to first. Little bear can barely contain his excitement and anticipation: at last, it’s time!

At the fair little bear gets sweep up into the air by an elephant, swings on a trapeze with a monkey, and soars into the sky in a giant bubble.

But papa bear is distracted (by his smartphone!) and misses the magic moment. Not all is lost though…

A timely picture book about being present for children and parents to read and cherish together.


… “L’illustratrice Eva Montanari se surpasse avc ses exquis dessins, elle emplit chaque silhouette de liesse et de tendresse. ” – Télérama


France (Thierry Magnier, 2020),China (Publishing House of Electronics Industry, 2021), Italia (Fatatrac 2022)


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