Eva Montanari

What does Little Crocodile say at the sea?


Written and illustrated by Eva Montanari

The waves go splash, the sunscreen goes squirt, the fish go bloop bloop, the swing goes up, up, the watch goes tick-tock, Big Crocodile says time to go, and whats does Little Crocodile say? Who would want to leave the hermit crabs, the sand castles, and playing with friends on the beach? Not Little Crocodile! In this charming follow-up title, Big Crocodile doesn’t let a tiny tantrum spoil a special day. Together they listen to the sounds of nature and carefully observe all the wonderful things happening around them. Their day winds down at the camping ground where the barbecue sizzles, the stars go oooh, and the moon says goodnight.


Italia (Babalibri, 2021)

Spain (Editorial Juventud, 2021)

France (Thierry Magnier 2020)

Taiwan (Grimm Press 2020)


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