Eva Montanari

written and illustrated by Eva Montanari

The pinwheel goes whir, the flower goes sniff, the dandelion goes pffffff, the merry-go-round goes my turn!, and what does little crocodile say?

The park is full of places to explore, games to play, and new friends to meet! In the third title of the series, little crocodile spends a beautiful day with Grandma and Grandpa crocodiles, discovering the voices of new little animal friends, running after donkey and going down the slide after owl.

“Ends on a satisfactory note as Little Crocodile embodies what he learned about thoughtfulness and sharing when making room for someone new.” Booklist

“A crocodile’s day is filled with sly humour, adorable illustrations, and an emotional rollercoaster that parents will recognize from their own experiences.” CityParent

English North America (Tundra Books 2022), France(Thierry Magnier, 2022), Spain (Editorial Juventud, 2022), Italy (Babalibri, 2022), Brazil(Jujuba, 2023), Netherlands (Gottmer, 2023)


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